Sports Fire Department Fundraisers Ideas For Different Times Of The Year

Sports fundraisers can be done anytime during the year but this doesn’t mean that you can come up with anything that you want and you can proceed to expecting that lots of money will come rolling down your way. You have to know the fundraising campaigns should also be fire fundraiser based on the specific times of the year when they’re going to be executed. For instance, if it’s currently the season of fall right now and you’d like to raise funds for your sports team, then it would be a really awful idea to sell Christmas trees and Christmas wreaths. Instead of doing this, you’d be way better off organizing a Halloween pumpkin patch.

I’ll be discussing different sports fundraisers ideas in this article, which you can schedule during the different seasons of the year so that you can have a steady stream of income all year long. First off, you can try selling citrus fruits and poinsettias. These fundraising products really sell out great during the late days of the fall season. You can have a order taker fundraising campaign set up for these products. Potted holiday plants such as poinsettias as well as citrus fruits are a good source of large profits. Try offering this during the perfect time of the year and you’ll be amazed as to how fast they sell out to people. In order for you to maximize profit on this one, you must save on freight by having a full truckload order and by buying your poinsettias from a wholesale nursery.

The next fundraiser idea that I have for you works great for the season of love specifically during Valentine ‘s Day. Yup, this one involves selling roses on Valentine ‘s Day. Since this holiday is all about showing appreciation to the people that you love and roses are the most commonly used medium to show such emotion to others, offering this in a sales fundraiser would really be a good idea for you to try out. When you sell out Valentine’s Day roses, they can either be the traditional dozen roses, which are in different colors or they can be chocolate roses along with boxes of gourmet candy. If you want to really earn big, you can offer both of these things. For this one, you also have to look for a good wholesale supplier and decide on the costs of your products before you start taking in orders from people. Set this up ahead of time so that you can avoid errors later on.

Aside from Valentine’s Day, flowers also sell out really well during the season of spring. During this time of the year, selling spring flowers would be an excellent idea. In this type of sales fundraiser, you’re going to offer flower bulbs during the early part of spring. In order for you to generate more sales, try offering discounts to people who will be making orders that are worth more than $50. This will serve as your bait to tempt people to buy more.